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thomas strömberg

kernel café, toward alpha 1


I spent some time today in the data-hall, getting lighting setup, as well as a console. This weekend I aim to get the rack-boards installed on the walls.

Here are the alpha milestones I aim to reach before the service becomes initially shareable:

  • Week 1: Initial network setup, first node with SSH cert sync
  • Week 2: Tinkerbell setup and second node: Honeycomb LX2, installed via Tinkerbell. Trusted testers.
  • Week 3: Third node: Mac Mini
  • Week 4: Nodes 4 & 5, Public Kubernetes Cluster
  • Week 5: Segregate Firewall, resource controls


For the SSH cert synchronization setup, I'm considering basing it on:

The missing component though is GitHub Org to UNIX users and groups, which should be easy enough to solve.